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These pots are incredibly handy when you live in 100 square feet. They all fit together perfectly, and when the handles attach, they are actually sturdy. We chose the ceramic pots, which have a nice nonstick surface, but that still allows for browning.  

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It cooked sweet potatoes in 10 minutes! I also made thai chicken soup that was delicious and cooked in 10 minutes. 

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Removes majority of moisture after clothes are washed. See more of a review in the Laundry Day blog post. 


A beautiful way to keep knives from moving, yet accessible for cooking. We still store our knives when trailer is in motion for safety. 

Light stainless steel bowls are great for trailer life. And the non slip base means that they don't move while I'm mixing the pancake mix!

We found this kettle because it works with our induction stove top. And it was so cute, we couldn't pass it up!


Great size for our small trailer. And the trash bags are available at multiple stores. 


Once upon a time I thought it was a good idea to enter in a demolition derby. It was. I got second place. But I also earned a neck injury. I saw the Roost stand and thought it was kind of gimmicky but finally picked one up a few weeks ago. So far, I love it. Slips right into a nice case in my bag for travel and is easy to put away when I'm not working in the trailer. - Steve


These are lifesavers for the days between camp showers. 


We were in search of a good pillow and I think we found it. Just make sure you get large enough pillow cases. If the memory foam is sealed too tightly, then it compresses the material and creates a hard pillow.