Joshua Tree National Park

What a change in scenery from last week! It is amazing that just 4 short hours from Ventura, this beautiful desert lies ready for exploring. Joshua Tree certainly lived up to its hype, and we got to use our National Parks Pass for the first time! We caught a sunny morning at the park before more wet weather moved into the desert. 

Every adventure day demands a good breakfast to get things started. Gluten free french toast and organic blueberries was perfect. 

For a bit of our drive through the park we listened to Harry Potter, but I bet a better soundtrack would have been a book by Dr. Seuss. The Joshua trees look like they are straight out of one of his books. And the rock formations made our imaginations go wild, picking ones that looked like skulls, or drip sand castles, or sleeping giants. 

We hiked through narrow passages with boulders overhead, and scrambled up to the top of rocks. It was one of those perfect days for exploring that makes you grateful that this land is protected. 

Now I think I may need to start painting this scenery. The blue sage, orange rocks, and citrine green succulents are begging to be painted by an impressionist brush. Painting goals!  


Amazing rock formations, dramatic skies, and smiling faces.