Tour of the Trailer

We are getting the hang of living in a 19’ trailer full time and thought that we would give a tour of our home on wheels! 

Our trailer was made by Homegrown Trailers located in Kirkland, Washington. They also offer trailer rentals, so check them out and share with family and friends in the area. 

We have made a few modifications that help us stay organized, continue to work full time and cook healthy meals on the road.

Here is a link to the video tour of our homegrown trailer. 



One of the things that I fell in love with on the homegrown trailers was the amount of counter space. I was constantly surprised with how much room I have for prepping meals between the counter and the dinette table. I am also impressed with how much our little fridge holds. I go to the grocery store about every 4-5 days. At some point we may update to a more efficient refrigerator so that we can go off grid without worrying about energy use. We are super happy with the induction stone top. Because the stove top is efficient, I usually boil water for dishes rather than using the water heater. And I make myself a cup of tea at the same time! 


The bench seats at the dinette are great storage. In one we have all of our dry food storage, and in the other we have our instant pot, blender, glass food storage containers, and mixing bowls. Under the sink we have these stackable pots/pans (That I LOVE) and a little colander and salad spinner. The only thing I miss is having an oven. I must experiment with more recipes in my instant pot! 

The dinette table is where Steven works on his laptop. If the weather is fair and the birds aren’t too loud, we also set up my events tent and table as his outdoor office. We have ample storage behind the bench seat which is currently storing Steven’s tools, and the overstock for my Etsy store. 

Living Room/Bedroom

This space transforms from Living Room Set Up (top photo) to Bedroom Set Up (bottom photo) by sliding one wooden panel out, so that it rests on the ledge. 

The bed is very comfortable, and when positioned as a couch, gives me (Chelsea) a great place to work on my laptop or paint. 

Our favorite modification (and most used) are the added drawers under the couch. Although in our video Steven says that we built them, the truth is we had a friend and very talented cabinet maker custom build these three drawers for our clothes and other storage. Each of our wardrobes fit completely in these drawers. We have a bin in our truck with heavy coats, but otherwise, these drawers are our closet. My trick is non wrinkle dress clothes for when we do dress up, and a base wardrobe of leggings and casual shirts. 


One frequently asked questions has been, "Do you have a shower?" The answer is yes, it is called a RoadShower and is located on our 4Runner. And we haven't needed to use it so far. Everywhere we have gone we have managed to get to a shower. Even if it has been on day 6, and been as part of a laundromat/restaurant. (Thank you Quartzsite, AZ!) 

We also belong to the YMCA, so we have been able to work out and get in a shower in most cities. 

One of our favorite things to talk about is how much we have enjoyed our composting toilet. Since we were probably part of the majority in questioning the lack of smell reported by other users, we want to pass along the confirmation that THERE IS NO ODOR! Well, maybe a slight earthiness if you don't have the fan going.

If you are interested in learning more about the composting toilet, we own a Nature’s Head

We have added some storage containers for toiletries in the bathroom, and keep shower supplies in a caddy so we can transport them easily to gyms, camp showers, truck stops, etc. 

We hope you enjoy our tour through the trailer! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them here or on the video. 

Thanks for stopping by!