Lake Placid, New York

Sometimes I think places find us, rather than the other way around. When planning for a campsite in New York it was difficult to strike a balance between beautiful parks that might not have internet and campsites with service that were over $100 per night. But then I found The North Pole campground in Lake Placid that had open waterfront, a variety of local craft brews in the camp store, and fishing licenses sold at the front desk. SOLD! 


I promise we didn't just fish the entire time we visited Lake Placid! 


The activities we found in Lake Placid were thrilling and visiting they Olympic facilities was quite the bucket list item to cross off the list. After some discussion, Steven decided that if he was in the Olympics that he would compete in the bobsled, and I gave in to the fact that if I had been born in a city that got a lot of snow that I probably would have been a famous ski jumper (mostly because I love to be in high places and it is basically flying.) So it was only natural that we had to give these sports a try while in Lake Placid, just in case our natural skill was latent and olympic judges were stationed around town. 


As you can see below, I won gold in the ski jump. Steven got the silver, but obviously won for grace and beauty in the bobsled helmet. 

We also had to pay homage to the "Miracle on Ice" arena. Steven and I like our teeth too much to try the sport of hockey, but I could honestly watch the movie "Miracle" a couple hundred times and be happy. That should count for something. 

We had a great day seeing the Olympic sites, but in the end we spent a lot of time at our from the shore, painting, taking hikes around the campground, and watching the setting sun bounce off the mountains.