Badlands National Park

Our National Parks system is a wonderful treasure. On our travels around the country we certainly have tried to include as many national parks as we can along the way.

This past weekend, Steven and I had a blast staying directly in the Badlands National Park among the dear and the buffalo and driving the loop road through the park. 


We stayed at Sage Creek Campground, which is on the northern side of the national park. We arrived at the campground as the sun was going down which added to the beauty and wildness of the landscape. The deer and buffalo greeted us upon arrival and the sun gave us a lovely sunset. It was all so perfect. 

On sunday morning I got up before the sun and hiked up above the campground. I got to watch the sun come up and light up the valley below. The coyotes woke me up before my alarm, and I was rewarded with a stunning view. Another day for the books!  


Little did I know, the beauty was just getting started! The Badlands National Park seemed to go on and on, the scenes increasing in drama around each bend. We had a fantastic time in the park, and we did make it to Wall Drug. 


This visit to the Badlands National Park was one of the highlights of this adventure for me. From driving into the campground at dusk and being greeted by the wildlife, to the many many windy stops along the ring road so that I could get another picture of the dramatic scenery. Towing our own little home on wheels behind me made me think of the many people who traversed this country in covered wagon and how the harsh landscaped seemed impassible to some, but for others who knew how to live off the land, the Badlands was their own piece of wild beauty.

We will certainly be back to this surreal landscape. And the colors, textures and shapes will show up in my paintings as I dream of the allure of this place.