Exercising while on the Road

When Steven and I used to go camping on the weekends in Colorado, we would routinely leave on Friday after work and arrive at the camp spot after dark. It was one of my favorite things to then unzip the tent in the morning to see what it looked like outside. Nomadic life feels like this, but times 10! Every morning I wake up and look out the window, frequently to something new.


However, new scenery each week also means that each week we must figure out grocery shopping, laundry, and exercise in a new place. We figured out shopping and laundry early on in the trip, but exercise has taken some experimentation. Before we left we did quite a bit of research about living on the road full time, including how to get exercise. There are a few full time RV families who write and make videos about how to get exercise while living in an RV, but like everything else in this lifestyle, we each have to figure out what works for us. 

Steven and I belonged to YMCA before we left Denver, so it was a good membership to keep, as there are YMCAs all over the country and we figured they would be a good spot for showers while we were on the road. 

Now nine months into this adventure, YMCA has been a wonderful asset for maintaining health while perpetually moving around the U.S. Most YMCAs allow "away members" to visit a certain number of times in a month as long as they are in good standing with their home center. 

I (Chelsea) love aqua aerobics! I love swimming for exercise, I like that the work on your muscles is intense, but the recovery is quick. I love that every class can be customized to your level so you get to choose how much you want to push yourself. And let's be honest, I love being the youngest by 30 years. 


I initially tried aqua aerobics while in Denver and now I have found classes around the country. I have been in lively aqua Zumba classes in Los Angeles, small classes taught by another full time RVer at a campground, and in packed classes in Georgia with more than 50 people in the pool. I took a "power hour" class in Massachusetts that, lets just say, was not your grandma's aqua aerobics and in Freeport, Maine I realized most of the ladies were way tougher than I am because the pool water was so cold and they just jumped in! I highly recommend aqua aerobics to anyone who likes being in the water and wants to shake up their exercise routine. And as for traveling around, it can't be beat to meet the friendliest YMCA members who recommend restaurants, activities, and the cheapest place to pick up bags of Werther's candies. 

It is amazing how a lifestyle on the road, where the view out of your window changes regularly, makes you suddenly crave routine. I think that is why the YMCA classes have been so helpful for staying healthy. And why practices such as starting the day with hot water and lemon, fitting in a daily walk and creating a daily painting have become important habits for me to keep up with while on the road. Routine nomadic life...who knew that that was possible! 

St. Augustine Beach, FL

One of the locations for our daily walk