Northern Washington

Steven and I both agreed that our week in Anacortes was exactly what we had envisioned when we hit the road a year ago. We have had many weeks like this all over this country, but as we round the corner to a full year on the road and completely circumnavigating the country, we are holding on to our favorite parts of this lifestyle so we never ever forget this adventure. 

When we hit a rhythm of working during the day, making delicious meals from local produce, taking walks in the evening, and taking excursions on the weekend, this feels like a dream. We meet so many wonderful people--in campgrounds, at restaurants, and at the YMCA. Folks have been so generous with their recommendations and advice and they have all sweetened our travels. 

Northern Washington was gorgeous and treated us to another week of lovely fall weather. We enjoyed driving to the little towns in the northeastern most corner of this country and exploring the coastal landscape. We have missed the water! 


At the end of our two weeks in northern Washington we made it back to Homegrown Trailers, now in their beautiful new facility. This means that we officially made it full circle in our little trailer. They made some updates to the trailer and repaired a few things so that we could get back on the road. And we got to check out Homegrown's newest model that sleeps up to 6! While at Homegrown's new facility, we drooled a little over the new model and told some funny stories from our travels. We love Homegrown Trailers and are proud that this company has had such success over the last year!