Coastal Oregon

Last year when we picked up our trailer we hustled down the coast amidst the Oregon and California rain. We were new to trailer life, sleeping in sleeping bags with no pillows, and tripping over the wet and muddy bikes that we had to store in the trailer. Traveling, even is yucky weather, is easier now. Booking campgrounds is easier, cooking meals is easier, and we have probably made our bed too comfortable because mornings are rough. 


So this time around we wanted to enjoy the landscape between Seattle and Sonoma County. We decided to take the coastal route and explore the many gorgeous state parks along the way. 

We stayed the first week in Cannon Beach at Cannon Beach RV Resort near Haystack Rock. Sometimes I book a campground because of the town nearby, and sometimes I book solely on the campground. This time I saw that the campground had a hot tub and an indoor heated pool and booked without looking at what was around. We were SO pleasantly surprised by the town of Cannon Beach and hope to return in the future! If you are looking for a cute seaside town, I highly recommend Cannon Beach. The town was relatively quiet this time of year which suited us well. And we got to enjoy a local event called "Blues, Brews, and BBQ". So much to like about this place! 

Some of you may have seen that we did a little "day in the life" on social media while we were in Cannon Beach and I wanted to include the pics here as well. 


We spent this second week at Bullards State Park in Bandon, OR (which Steven called Brandon, OR the entire time we were there). The park is just a mile from the ocean and has lovely spacious spots that each feel like they are tucked into the mossy woods.


We took advantage of staying along the coast and rented a dune buggy and cruised the coastline. And I only screamed once. 


If you have read my post about exercise, you know that I try to find a YMCA with a pool so that I can hang with the local grandmothers and do aqua aerobics. But as you can imagine, this is not always possible, so when I can't be in the pool, Steven and I go for a run.


Running, or I should say enjoying the activity of running, is new to me. But my kind husband runs at a ridiculously slow pace so that my short legs can keep up, and because we are always staying in new campgrounds, then I never tire of the scenery. This week at Bannon State Park we had a perfect 2 mile run to the ocean. And the weather was perfect for most of the week, so we got in several runs!


We had a blast along the coast. Next up, the redwood giants!