Getting work done

We work anywhere to get work done!

Steven has balanced his computer on his lap in the car and taken phone calls from the middle of the desert. He has set up his office on picnic tables, on our cooler while we were boondocking, and on folding tables under the trees. I have painted on the fold down desk in the trailer, on the beach, and while sitting in our collapsible chairs. 

One of the main reasons that we are able to do this adventure is because of our jobs. Most 20 (ack we are 30 now!) 30 somethings do not have the luxury of moving around the country while still having an income. And even 10 years ago, this would not have been possible because technology would not have been as smooth. So we count our lucky stars for this opportunity. Which is also why we are choosing to grab this moment while we can! 

What we are doing while on the road:

Steven: Secret Agent Steve will continue working for a small government contractor as a computer engineer. We timed our adventure to coincide with a few events that Steven was supporting, and navigated our route to visit a few of the company's offices and his coworkers. 

Chelsea: I started my own business a little over a year ago creating a line of greeting cards, so I will continue to build my etsy site, network with local stores along the way, and do commissioned art pieces as I receive them. My website has original paintings that were inspired by our adventures, so be sure to check them out!   

If you have any questions about how we stay connected while on the road, please let us know!