Gulf Shores and a Serendipitous Birthday Celebration

On our route to the Florida Keys, we decided to stop in Gulf Shores. Having heard about the white sand beaches and relaxing atmosphere, it seemed like a good place to celebrate Steven's 30th birthday. We found a small and beautiful RV park with generous hosts and friendly neighbors that was located right on the bay. It may have been the peak of Spring Break, but at our little spot on the bay, Gulf Shores was completely serene. 

We had meals out on the deck, took walks on the path that ran along the bay, and did yoga out at the end of the pier. 

The sand was indeed gorgeous, and we got our feet wet in the gulf. And other than the thunder storm on the last night, the weather was perfect. 

We had no set plans for Steven's 30th birthday, so when we rolled into Gulf Shores, I was looking for activities that would be fun in the area. To my surprise, I found a sushi making class that was held in a brewery happening on Steven's birthday, only 10 minutes away from our RV site. What are the chances! And I found the class in the local newspaper, called the "Mullet Wrapper". It was a total win, we had a fabulous time. I got to surprise Steven with an awesome class, and he surprised me by shaving his beard off on the morning of his birthday. I guess 30 demanded a change! 

We also fit in a quick visit to Fort Morgan

Thanks Gulf Shores, you were a perfect birthday stop!