Old World Florida at Cedar Key

Florida is a huge state, so making our way to the Keys had to be done in a few steps. I recently found a list of 40 small towns in the US that are worth visiting, that still have the small town feel and are high on charm. Cedar Key was on that list and conveniently put us within a days drive of the Florida Keys. I found a RV resort with good reviews and availability, so it was a go. 

Many folks who we met in the RV park said that Cedar Key gives visitors an idea of what Old Work Florida was like before Disney got a hold of it. It was indeed a charming gulf town, with not many tourists, and lots of undisturbed land surrounding it. We were a good 45 minutes from a good sized grocery store if that helps showcase the landscape. 

We enjoyed a nice walk through the town and a dinner of local seafood. 

We loved our RV resort so much that we actually didn't venture out to the main part of Cedar Key as much as I expected. At the park our neighbors were friendly, and we got to chat with many folks walking their dogs around the loop of the park. The pool made the hot days manageable, and they even had aqua aerobics classes during the week! Our only complaint was the no-c-ums bugs. THEY WERE TERRIBLE! Sadly we had to eat dinners inside every night. 

My traveling dinosaur found some friends! 

My traveling dinosaur found some friends! 

After a good week of catching up on work, and enjoying mid day swims, we are ready for a long drive to the southern most point in the US. Next up the Florida Keys!